Student Graduation

Congratulations! We are sad to see you go.

Dot-CircleCongratulations, You’ve reached your goal of graduation!

Step 1 – Submit Application & Supporting Documents

Submit a completed GRADUATION APPLICATION to the Student Services office, along with required supporting documentation (signatures, Completion Evaluation, and Training Outcome Report) obtained from the Program Instructor, no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled quarterly recognition ceremony.

Step 2 – Pay Graduation Fee

There is a $15 Graduation Fee.

Graduation Eligibility
  • The application and supporting documentation will be reviewed and certified by the Data Specialist and Vice President of Instruction and Operations, or determined ineligible.
  • If applicant is determined ineligible, the applicant will be contacted by the Data Specialist and be informed of reason for ineligibility. If the applicant is:
    • able to provide updated documentation that will prove eligibility, no later than one week prior to the scheduled ceremony date, applicant will be included in the scheduled biannual recognition ceremony.
    • unable to provide proof of eligibility within the submission deadline, they will be moved to the next scheduled ceremony dateIf eligibility for graduation is certified, the applicant will be added to the student recognition list for inclusion in the scheduled quarterly recognition ceremony following the submission deadline.