Custom Fit

Custom Fit is administered through Southwest Technical College, through a dynamic partnership between the Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT), the State of Utah and local businesses. The goal is to provide customized training that allows businesses to be successful. Whether you need specific technical training, safety certification, computer skills, leadership or service improvements, Custom Fit can work with your company to establish a plan to help. The Utah State Legislature appropriates funds each year as an investment in Utah’s economy and workforce development.

Custom Fit Training

Quality employee training is becoming more critical to today’s employers. Challenges that must be met through training may include technological changes in the workplace, unskilled entry-level workers, and the impact of global competitiveness on the specific industry in which the company is involved.

Benefits of Custom Fit:

  • The Custom Fit program can train new employees or retrain and/or upgrade your current workforce.
  • Custom Fit programs involve a single employee or a large group. No project is too small or too large.
  • Flexibility is the key. Customized training is developed around your specific needs and requirements.
  • Custom Fit can take place at the Southwest Applied Technology College, your facility/job site,or other convenient locations.
  • Expert teaching is conducted by institution instructors, industry specialists or a combination of both.
  • Custom Fit has access to trainers in a variety of specialized fields and will help find the one to fit your needs.



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