Building and Event Reservations

Events at Southwest Technical College

Please be aware that rooms rented should host events in line with the vision and mission statement of the college. Click here to see the vision and mission statement.

The campus offers two rooms available for rent. Both are versatile, bright rooms on the ground floor with doors leading directly outside for ease of access. For slightly larger groups the rooms can be combined and together have a maximum space for 150 guests.

Catering by the college can be requested and will be approved based on the discretion of the Culinary Arts program coordinator and is prepared by students. Catering is only available Thursdays and Fridays. The menu is created by our chef based on the current culinary curriculum. Outside catering is also allowed inside our building.

Rooms Occupancy

# Seated at Tables

(Chairs only)

Half Day Rental

(4 hours)

Price includes set up fee

Full Day Rental

(8 hours)

Price includes set up fee

109B Small Multipurpose Room 36 people at 6 Rounds
(50 max)
$100.00 $150.00
109A Large Multipurpose Room 60 people at 10 Rounds
(100 max)
$200.00 $300.00
109A + 109B

Both Rooms

90 people at 15 Rounds
(150 max)
$300.00 $450.00

Rooms cannot be reserved on weekends.

Basic IT will be available per the setup request form. Know that IT support will not be provided during the event.

109B Small Multipurpose Room

109A Large Multipurpose Room

Once you have received approval from Southwest Tech on your event request, please use the button below to make your payment and finalize your reservation. If you are reserving for multiple days, please select the number (quantity) of days after clicking on the “Pay Now” Button.

Please Select the Room(s) to Reserve