Canvas Help

How To log into your online (Canvas) course:

  • You must be enrolled in an Southwest Tech program as per campus standards
  • Create a Gmail account specifically to use with our online system.  The name of your Gmail account needs to be set up in a specific way. Follow these instructions:
  1. Use first 7 letters of your last name (or your entire last name if less than 7 letters)
  2. Plus, (a dot) .
  3. Plus, first 3 letters of your first name
  4. Plus, last 4 numbers of your student ID number
  5. And then use
    (The maximum length for the username is 15 characters)

    Example: If your name is Michael Thompson, and Student ID: 6200156442
    Then you should create the account:

Click here to create your Gmail account.


Troubleshooting/FAQ’s and Computer Specifications