Southwest Tech Guiding Principles

The four directions of Southwest Tech’s compass represent our GUIDING PRINCIPLES. These principles support the overall Mission and Vision of the College.

In Focus

We are student-focused. We want to know your name, your story, and your dreams. We want to contribute to the success in your life and career. Our charted course is determined by your best interest.

All "Hands-on" Deck

Technical education is the real deal. We are passionate about what we do and make no apologies for it. “Hands-on” education works. We feel the vibe and hope you do too.

Better Together

We’re not just a college, we’re a village. We hold our community and our employers in high regard. We don’t compete, we collaborate. Collectively, we recognize the excellence of the individual. As individuals, we are committed to the collective. We praise, encourage, and support each other.

The Bold Standard

We are the leader in technical education. We celebrate success but are never complacent. We boldly step outside the box. We set the example of hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication.