COVID-19 Testing at Southwest Tech

Weekly random testing on campus

The Utah System of Higher Education, in cooperation with state public health leaders, has announced changes to the approach to testing students for COVID-19.  The previous approach was to test all students every 14 days, whereas the new plan uses a more efficient testing model to mitigate virus spread among college students.  For us, this means random weekly testing of a much smaller pool of students as well as possible targeted testing.  Students randomly drawn will be emailed and invited to participate, and then those students’ names will be removed from the next week’s pool. When you are randomly selected, you will receive an email with additional instructions, including filling out the registration form below each time you are selected.

The testing site is at Southwest Tech’s main campus (757 W 800 S) in room 117 (just west of Student Services.) Please DO NOT come and test if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. If you have symptoms, or you are not a Southwest Tech student, please click here for the closest testing site.

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6 Southwest Tech Student helping in covid testing center

Southwest Tech COVID-19 Test Registration

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Southwest Tech Testing Reporting

Total Student Tests:
  • 559
Positivity Rates (Keep in mind that these are the positives we tested.  Of course there are many more who tested positive elsewhere.):
  • 0.537% overall (this is lower than most of the rest of the state because we do not test symptomatic students)
  • Since January 1: 0.472%
  • Total Student Positives: 3
Compliance Rate (number invited to test vs. number actually tested):
  • 22.01%

Statistics as of 2/24/21