Selling on Amazon ($100)

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Selling on Amazon Course Description

The Selling on Amazon course costs $100. It is a series of 5 videos. Each video is roughly an hour in length and covers the following topics:

Picking a Product
“Learn the strategies, tactics, and tools to quickly filter through the 488 Million products sold on Amazon to find hundreds of hidden gems you could launch and make $10k+ a month in revenue while at the same time, be building a brand. An asset which can be sold down the road…more on that later.”

Find a Supplier
“Learn the latest approach to finding suppliers all over the world, negotiating the best possible pricing, and managing the logistics of purchasing and shipping to the USA.  It doesn’t take a “priceline negotiator” to do very well in this stage. Just follow the email templates” 

Create A High Converting Listing
“Learn how to create a high converting listing! This is the core of a successful Amazon private label business. You can learn how to get to page 1, but if your listing doesn’t have great conversion rates, you wont stay there. This class is all about how to outsell your competition and stick your ranking when you initially get it” 

Launch and Rank a Product
“This is where the rubber meets the road. You’ve picked a gem of a product, found a great supplier and created a high converting listing. Now you’ll learn how to strategically promote and launch your listing to give it the visibility on page 1 it needs. These strategies are simple but extremely powerful. Master this, and you’ll be able to build as big of a business as you want” 

Growth and Maintenance
“Now that you have successfully launched the product, how do you start to expand the sales of your product? How do handle customer support? How do you increase the value of an Amazon business? That’s what this class is all about. How to optimize and maintain the position you’ve already won.”