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Engine Performance I (ASE Engine Performance) is an in-depth practical course dealing with basic automotive systems. In this course, you will explore engine design, engine operation, fuel systems, ignition systems, cooling systems and other systems and components necessary to maintain proper operation of the vehicle. When you have completed this course, you will be prepared to take the certification exam in ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Engine Repair.

Grade Eligibility: 10-12
Tuition: FREE
Annual Enrollment Fee: $20 $0*
Book & Exam Fees:  Click for estimated cost
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Pre-requisite: Introduction to Automotive

To register for this course, please indicate on your high school course request form or talk with your high school counselor.

*This cost is covered by Iron County Intergenerational Poverty Initiative

*The Annual Enrollment Fee is a one-time annual fee per student (not per course). Courses, details, and fees are subject to change.

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