Workplace Foundations

Vocational training for adults with a learning disability, mental illness, or physical disability.

Workplace Foundations – Disability Training

Workplace Foundations is designed to provide basic vocational training opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities or disorders. It includes basic common workplace tasks, situations, and curriculum necessary for students to obtain and keep gainful employment, and to become more independent. Workplace Foundations is designed to take approximately six months to complete, and includes lab-setting and instructor-led courses. It is intended for individuals who can benefitt from the training to bridge the gap between current capability and employment.

How long does it take?



(Approx. 3-6 months)

How much does it cost?

If you qualify for the training, the cost is free:

Tuition $183.75

Program Fees $268.38

Books, Supplies & Tools $ 45.00

Estimated Total $542.13

Available scholarship amount for qualifying students $542.13



When can I get started?

Contact Crystal Pyne for next start date:

Crystal Pyne
435.691.5678 cell


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