corporate retreats

Corporate retreats are a great way to step out of the daily grind, rejuvenate, learn, team build, and come back more prepared and better than ever!

Corporate Retreats

We are proud to provide the community and its businesses a new place to hold their corporate retreats. This unique experience is a one-of-a-kind personalized and educational experience to help you achieve your retreat objectives in a memorable way. 

You get personalized training that fits the specific needs of your retreat. You will also receive team and skills building through an experience with some of the programs we have here at the college. Your retreat will be a creative, fun, and valuable experience for you and your employees that only Southwest Tech can facilitate.

Why choose Southwest Tech?

State of the art facilities

We have a beautiful space to hold your retreat. We have state of the art facilities equipped with the latest technology to suit your needs. Our campus was built in 2016 and has always upheld the value of offering the latest technology to our students and our community.


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Phone: (435) 586-2899 ext 3926

Targeted training for your retreat

We provide a targeted training experience that enhances the goals and objectives of your retreat. We offer training in areas such as:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Automation
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Soar Analysis
  • Customer Service
  • Character Development
  • And more

One-of-a-kind experiences

We create unique experiences based on our many hands on programs here at the college! We have designed them specifically for your retreat to focus on team building, team work, leadership, and just plain fun! We offer experiences in:


    Learn and weld your own business card holders. This experience offers a way for employees to test their creativity and focusing abilities along with giving them something to take home and show off their skills.


    Learn how to suture (stitch up) a wound. This activity involves critical listening and retention skills while also providing a useful first aid skill.


    Team up and learn and create a dish in either Southwest, Asian, or Italian Cuisine. This experience offers a unique outlook on team building and management.

    Pit Crew Challenge

    The Pit Crew Challenge is an experience that leads to better team performance for businesses. Through this experience teams go through several quick learning cycles that enhance collaboration, communication of ideas, setting and achieving goals, addressing performance issues, recognition of good work, celebration of success, and iterative problem solving.


    Southwest Technical College can train your employees on how to deliver high quality CPR in the event of an emergency. This is a skill they can take with them to the workplace and to help provide a safe and knowledgeable community.

    Infomercial Sales Challenge

    A fun way to test your employees creativity and marketing skills. Employees will film a short infomercial to market a random item. This experience offers a way for employees to challenge their employees sales and marketing abilities.

    What an amazing experience! This year, we selected Southwest Technical College to hold Cedar City’s Annual Mayor’s Retreat and could not be happier. We were treated very professionally, and they made every accommodation we requested. The speaker was very eloquent and made us feel comfortable and welcome. Everyone was very pleased with the luncheon menu, and the food was absolutely scrumptious. They had planned an especially wonderful team-building activity that was both challenging and fun for everyone. I would gladly recommend Southwest Tech’s Retreat Program to anyone that is searching for a complete start to finish event. They will definitely be one of our top places for retreats in the future.

    Maile Wilson-Edwards

    Mayor of Cedar City

    Value for your company

    We are confident that we are giving you the best value for your money. We are willing to work with each company to cater not only to their needs, but their budget as well. In addition to our reasonably priced packages, there are additional financial resources that can help as well. Information about Custom Fit can be found here
    We care about the success of your company

    We work hard to help meet the needs of employers by either providing or connecting them to resources for education, growth, and productivity. This new program is one way Southwest Tech can provide service to and strengthen ties with employers in our service area. We look forward to serving you!